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Services Description wood floor installation services

Sell ​​all types of wood floors Parquet Flooring Vinyl quality.
Serving in all Indonesia
Are you interested to wear a wooden board at home? Yes, it will look more natural than using marble or ceramic with a modern feel. Everything that gives the atmosphere back to nature, it is still interested in a lot of people.

Synchro Laminated Flooring in production using materials Tropical wood dust with exclusive design
-Hold Scratches
Parquet wood flooring Vinyl Flooring known to have a soft touch and warm to the feet compared to marble or ceramic floors.
Vinyl Wood Plank floor and is suitable for apartments, houses, offices, showrooms, shops, restaurants, cafes, gym, karaoke, hospitals and all public facilities.

Minimalist home can look luxurious and elegant.
termite and can last up to 25 years ...

Price and cost 155ribu pairs per m2.
We offer parquet Laminate wood flooring to beautify your room.
Both are used in floors, walls and stairs.
Prices start from Rp.155.000 / m2 (already installed)
And many color choices
To Survey Location Free (Free)
We supply parquet flooring / parquet to make a classy impression at home, office, or place of business.

Available in different variants, and of course quality. As well as durable.
Please contact us, and we are also willing to directly visit your premises for your convenience.
With material that has been tried and tested quality (High Quality) and an efficient price.
For further information, silahkah contact me. thank you

Lanyai Wood Vinyl Flooring is Parquet flooring vinyl wood motif created for the floor of the house, apartment, office, restaurant, cafe, etc., and can also for wall covering or covering the ceiling in your home.

Here are some ADVANTAGES Vinyl Flooring Parquet Floor Us:
- Have SILVER NANO Technology which means anti fungi, termites and bacteria
- Resistant to water and can mop with a mop medication every day
- Resistant to scratches
- Made with technology from KOREA
- The color is an elegant luxury and truly resemble the original timber
- Easy to install and remove
- Maintenance is not complicated and easy
- Free shipping to Jakarta
- Guaranteed Quality With Affordable Price.

For large parties and reseller please contact us
now comes the wood patterned VINYL FLOORING ,,
easy installation and affordable price make vinyl flooring attracted many circles,
not only that ,, made of pvc vinyl floor, which environmentally friendly, so safe for health, water repellent, anti-stain, anti-fungal, anti-scratch, heat-resistant up to 75 degrees C.
with a surface that is not slippery, so fits on the floor, living room, kitchen, den and even on Stairs.
ordering and installation information please contact no WA and PIN BB listed.
thank you

In a residential floors is an important element for designing the interior of a house, apartment, office, restaurant etc. The floor can also make the interior of the apartment, home, office, resto becomes more interesting and more beautiful.
One way that you can choose to beautify the interior floor of the house / apartment or your room is vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring could be an ornament to enhance the appearance of your interior.

We have workers who are experts in the installation of vinyl flooring to interior design room floor apartment, home, office, restaurant and other buildings you.

We provide decorate the room. especially in the field of floors and walls

There vinyl flooring various brands and sizes. Parakeets solid laminate .and wallpaper


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